Payment methods

Once you place your order, our system will guide you through the whole process. In the end once your order is complete and you check your cart you will be guided further to the payment options. These are:

Advance payment



Advance payment:
Should you choose to make an advance payment then, for The Netherlands you can make the transfer to:

Account: ING 4691967
IBAN: NL13INGB0004691967
Fly-Free Fabrics BV
Graafschedijk 75
5364 PR Escharen

For Germany this is:
Deutsche Bank Kleve:
BLZ 32470024
Kontokorrent: 3201688 (00)
IBAN: DE87324700240320168800

tnv Fly-Free Fabrics BV
Graafschedijk 75
5364 PR Escharen

Your order will then be shipped out as soon as the payment has been confirmed. Usually this takes some extra days as compared to the automated alternatives of payment.


PayPal is an automated payment method used worldwide. By creating your own account with PayPal, using your credit card, you then can use this option in our menu for payment. Almost immediately after doing so, we will receive confirmation of payment by PayPal and will then ship out your order. In this way your order will arrive a couple of days sooner vs the advance payment method.


This method is a self banking method used in The Netherlands. Using this method will guide you from our website to your familiar site from your own bank. After completing the payment there, you then automatically will return to our website and this will generate the message to our system that payment has been completed and confirmed.

After confirmation of your payment we will ship out your order



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