• What are the differences between the new Abée-FlyFree rugs and the original Fly-Free Sweet itch rugs?

    Each year we improve our products. This as a result of experiences by our customers and from our own findings. In this case, because there was a need for rugs with a closed neck, we designed the new Abée-FlyFree Sweet itch rug with a closed neck.

    The most pronounced  differences of new Abée-FlyFree rug with regard to the original Fly-Free rugs are:

    • As mentioned before, the Abée-FlyFree rugs have a closed neck, so it will have to be pulled over the head of your horse. To make this job more smoothly the neck part has a closeable widening at the left-hand side, just behind the ears. In the future we (as soon as the original stock comes to its end) will proceed on both closed and open neck rugs in the new style.

    • The belly-flap on the Abée-FlyFree rug is adjustable on both sides: just like at the left flank of the original rug there now are also at the right-hand side Velcro straps and elastic bands. Because of this the centering of the chest-flap and the udder protector has become slightly easier. This will be most important especially with very thin or very thick horses.

    • The shaping of the rug has been altered a bit at the rear, so that the rug will rest more naturally on the horse.

    • The new clips are of a even better quality. This is especially helpful if your horse in lives in a herd and will therefore risk more damage on the clips during playing by getting a well place blow on them.

    The improvements are by themselves not so resounding. In the long run all rugs will be changed according this concept, but will then be available both in open neckpiece - and in closed neckpiece variant.

    Consequence of new production is that the price has increased slightly. This as a result of production in different, more expensive times.

    Are Abée-FlyFree rug then so much better? The adaptations are useful adaptations, but if in the size that you require there is no Abée-FlyFree variant on stock, then you have certainly no wrong buy with the original rug. The difference in purchase is then in itself a pleasant consolation for some missing changes.

    On request we can have a rug manufactured in the new variant for you. However , an additional charge will be applied of which we’ll be glad to give you more information, should you wish so.

  • Will the rug stay dry?

    Our sweet-itch/eczema rugs have been treated with a durable water repellent coating by DuPont®. Principally the fabric won’t let rainwater through. This can easily be tested by pouring some water over it. The drops will simply roll off of it. Still it has sometimes happened that during prolonged periods of rain water managed to ‘leak’ through the fabric. The reason we think is that when the rugs get dirty with soil, hairs and sweat this mix will act as a sticky conductor and so suck water in. Also when being so dirty, the fabric will lose its ability to let sweat through, as it is normally supposed to do.

    We therefore advise our clients to remove the rugs during these prolonged periods of rain. This can be done without problems in relation to the protection against midgets and flies, as they usually don’t operate in these conditions. Also this creates a good opportunity to wash the rug and keep it in good shape. One should check the rugs on a daily base for defects and proper fitting to keep it in good shape. Washing the rug on a regular base will not effect the water repellence of the coating in a negative way.

  • Sweat under the rug:

    It is a normal phenomenon in warm and moist conditions that horses do sweat. This also happens under the rugs. The fabric used in our rugs does transport sweat very well , but understandably in very moist conditions there will be a saturation point in which sweat will remain on the horse. Sometimes customers ask us if it wouldn’t be better to remove the rug in these conditions. We advise them not to do so, for the problems provided by the insects will be much worse than the those caused by sweat in the heat.

    Sweating is a very natural process that will aid in keeping the core temperature in limits and has no negative effect on your horse, as long as you provide it with sufficient water. Eventually, as during the day temperatures commence to drop, the sweating will reduce and your horse will dry up again through the rug.

    You’ll soon enough find out that your horse will rather prefer some sweating above the itch or running to escape from haunting flies and midges!

  • What is the right size for my horse?

    For this you best have a look at our tables under the tab: Finding the right size . You’ll find two different tables: one for the rugs and one for the hoods. Bare in mind that in the rugs table you have two options: the original Fly-Free rug and the new version: Abée-FlyFree.

    Two sizes are most important in deciding which size fits your horse best:

    The upper length: this is the length from on top of the withers, following the horse’s back to the beginning of the tail.

    The lower length: This one is measured from the middle of the chest, along the flank of the horse to right between the rear legs, under its tail. Typically this length is 50 cm’s longer than the upper length.

    Both lengths are defined in centimeters.

  • I find it hard to close the Velcro closure at the front of the Fly-Free Sweet itch rug.

    The neck piece on the ‘Open neck rugs’ is designed to fit perfectly when it’s closed. Therefore, when closing you may encounter some trouble in closing the Velcro. In your instruction manual it is explained how to close this part in the best way: Start at the front part and close about 15 cm’s at the time. Scroll up the remaining part to the front to create some extra space and close again 15 cm’s. Keep on repeating these steps until the full length of the Velcro has been closed. The pull back the neck piece, so that it covers the full chest part.

    In case your horse has very long manes, it is important to push them up and away before trying to close the neck piece.

  • What methods of payment are there?

    Once you place your order, our system will guide you through the whole process. In the end once your order is complete and you check your cart you will be guided further to the payment options. These are:

    Advance payment



    Advance payment:
    Should you choose to make an advance payment then, for The Netherlands you can make the transfer to:

    Account: ING 4691967
    IBAN: NL13INGB0004691967
    Fly-Free Fabrics BV
    Graafschedijk 75
    5364 PR Escharen

    For Germany this is:
    Deutsche Bank Kleve:
    BLZ 32470024
    Kontokorrent: 3201688 (00)
    IBAN: DE87324700240320168800

    tnv Fly-Free Fabrics BV
    Graafschedijk 75
    5364 PR Escharen

    Your order will then be shipped out as soon as the payment has been confirmed. Usually this takes some extra days as compared to the automated alternatives of payment.


    PayPal is an automated payment method used worldwide. By creating your own account with PayPal, using your credit card, you then can use this option in our menu for payment. Almost immediately after doing so, we will receive confirmation of payment by PayPal and will then ship out your order. In this way your order will arrive a couple of days sooner vs the advance payment method.


    This method is a self banking method used in The Netherlands. Using this method will guide you from our website to your familiar site from your own bank. After completing the payment there, you then automatically will return to our website and this will generate the message to our system that payment has been completed and confirmed.

    After confirmation of your payment we will ship out your order


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